• 15 May 2017

    20 things to do in Splott

    There’s quite a bit going on in Splott; more than you might think.  From dining out, Portuguese style, to playing some baseball or enjoying the upcoming live music scene, there’s pretty much something for everyone.  Here we look at 20 things you can do in the land of the speedbump. Go to the seaside! Splott ... Read more

  • Photo courtesy of Amber Courtney

    5 May 2017

    Labour wins local election for Splott, Tremorfa and Pengam Green

    Photo courtesy of Amber Courtney

    The nation went Star Wars crazy on the 4th of May but for many there were more pressing matters than quoting wise Jedi Master Yoda.  After a long day of vote-casting and an even longer night of vote-counting, three Labour candidates have been elected as Councillors for Splott, Tremorfa and Pengam Green. Well done to ... Read more

  • 3 May 2017

    Local Elections: Councillor Candidates for Splott

    Less than a day to go before people take to the polls to vote for who they would like to represent them at a local level. Not sure who’s standing on the 4th of May?  Here’s a rundown of who’s hats are in the ring in our own heartland of Splott. One more thing before ... Read more

  • 30 April 2017

    Meet your Councillor Candidates: Rhys Cisuelo, Plaid Cymru

    On May the 4th, the people of Splott will go to the polls to select their Councillors for the next four years.  In the build-up to the elections, Inksplott has run a series of interviews with candidates. Next up is Rhys Cisuelo, a candidate for Plaid Cymru. Inksplott: Hello!  Thank you for being interviewed for ... Read more

  • 28 April 2017

    Twelve new train stations in Wales make shortlist, including Newport Rd and St Mellons

    Twelve new railway stations may be built in Wales and one of them could be on Newport Road/ Rover Way. According to this Wales Online article, out of the twelve, three of the proposed new stations are in Cardiff: as well as Splott/Tremorfa/Pengam the other two are proposed for St Mellons and Ely Mill/Victoria Park. ... Read more